June 2020 Construction Update

As we round the corner into the long-awaited summer season, construction is booming along nicely at Ventura. In June, the concrete work was completed on Level 1 and now lumber is on-site and the framing process is already well underway. The stunning columnar architecture of the 2-storey 1 Bedroom & Den loft units along Ventura Avenue is now taking shape which is exciting to see!

We are thankful for our competent trades and entire construction team who are also reviewing important planning details every day.  This proactive approach will ensure all the minor details are sorted out ahead of time, that will help result in a better product with a well thought-out design for future residents. We fully believe that taking these extra steps are worth every effort in the long run.

This month, we also have included our time-lapse footage that captures the progress we have made since starting construction in September 2019 – enjoy this glimpse of the early stages and we look forward to connecting with you again at the end of summer!